Wooden Multi-Level Adjustable Pet Ramp

$119.99 $247

Protect Your Dog Against Bone & Joint Disease In The Long Run

Make getting onto the sofa, bed, car and other high surfaces easy for your pet. By using the Pet Ramp your pet will no longer have to hoist themselves onto or jump off high surfaces. Although it may be in your pet's nature to leap and jump around, we want to avoid repetitive strains and high impact on joints and limbs which could lead to premature aging, arthritis, and unwanted injuries.


Happy Australian Pets & Owners

The Adjustable Pet Ramp is designed to make your pet's daily life easier. The Adjustable Pet Ramp is light and easily transported for indoor and outdoor use. Highly regarded by veterinarians for all households to avoid unexpected visits to the vet hospital. Whether your pooch is a small Chihuahua, or an agile Border Collie the Adjustable Pet Ramp will support your pet's joints as they roam throughout the household.


Benefits Of The Wooden Multi-Level Adjustable Pet Ramp:

✅ Suitable For Small, Medium & Large Breeds.

✅ Prevent Serious and Costly Pet Health Issues And / Or Injuries. 

✅ Durable Weather Resistant Materials Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use.

 ✅ Top Quality Handcrafted Modern Design.

 ✅ No Assembly Required.

✅ Happy Australian Customers.

 ✅ Australian Owned & Operated.

 ✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Prevent Unwanted Knee Displacements, Muscle Strains, Bone Breaks or Fractures

Often we want our pets close, however, our human living environment and furniture are not ergonomically suited to meet our furry friend's needs which can lead to accidental injuries or joint deterioration in the long term. Think ahead for your pet and provide the right path forward, up and down from high places with the Adjustable Pet Ramp 

Take It Outdoors or Indoors

The Adjustable Pet Ramp is not limited to indoor use. Made from durable and long-lasting materials, the Adjustable Pet Ramp can be used all around the house or in the back/front yard wherever necessary. The ramp can be easily collapsed to take on holiday trips or household visits to family, friends or pet sitter homes.

    14 Days Money Back Guarantee


    You're Protected With Us - We are Australia’s Preferred Online General store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a full refund!

    What’s Included In Your Purchase:

    • 1 x Wooden Foldable and Adjustable Dog Pet Ramp. Material: Marine Plywood, Pine Timber, Carpet, Metal, Rubber.

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